Francisco Rosario

Graphic & Web Design


Client: MetropolitanPavilon
Role: Webdesign
is also known as
La Madre de las Charangas Cubanas
(The Mother of The Cuban Charangas)
as well as La Charanga Eterna (The Eternal Charanga).
Their long and successful career began on September 30th, 1939, in Cienfuegos, Cuba,under the leadership of  Orestes Aragón. Since the creation of this legendary orchestra,it has undoubtedly secured its status as the favorite Cuban band for millions of passionate music listeners who cherish the Island’s most popular musical genres: Son, Danzón and the Cha Cha Cha. Simply stated, after more than seven decades,ORQUESTA ARAGÓN continues to be the legendary group whose music reaches both young and old music fans throughout the World.Their musical repertoire includes approximately 700 individual songs ,which have produced over 100 full-length albums worldwide.

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